How it all started…

Before this last year, I rarely read the newspaper because my family never really bought them. But every morning within almost the last year, I have read the newspapers for information and for the sake of reading them.

Since this winter, I’ve admired the photography in the sports section, especially, to the point where I just had to put in a caption or two. It went on and off until one day (well this morning actually) my friend told me she admired my recent caption on the front page photo from the Olympic Field and Track Finals happening just a few blocks from my house.

It brought a smile to my face that my art was bring a smile to someone else’s face. 

 Anyways, this blog will most likely occupy my two week vacation before I start my summer job at a summer camp for two months…therefore there will be two weeks of this…two months of hiatus, two more weeks of updates, and then who knows when the college grind starts for me in the fall. 

If you enjoy reading the newspaper and if you enjoy comedy, you will most likely enjoy this blog.

Toodles for now!